Working with couples is my passion. Reasons couples seek counseling vary but include challenges they are experiencing within their relationship such as communication, constant arguments, anger, jealousy, parenting, step-parenting, life transitions, infidelity, money/finances, blended family, illness, addictions, in-law struggles, gender roles, intimacy issues and many more.  My goal is to help couples improve their communication, feel heard and understood by their partner, be able to express their desires and needs in a safe and effective way, and discover who they are as a couple.   Furthermore, we will look at the relationship patterns and cycles you may be struggling with and find more productive ways that work for you as a couple.  We will discover and enhance the areas of strength in your relationship, and uncover the deeper, hidden emotional needs that you each bring to your relationship, so that stronger connections can be made.

I work with couples who have been together many years, as well as couples in new relationships. Couples therapy can include those that are living together- or not, married, newly married or about to get married.  I work with gay couples, straight couples, couples who are only beginning to notice fractures in their relationships and those who been distressed for many years.  I also help couples who, for whatever reason,  or thinking about or have decided to end their relationship. If you have any further questions about my work with couples please call me at 360.588.2181.


Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator