The first session is 80 minutes to get acquainted, review intake forms (and/or complete intake forms) and to allow adequate time to go over your presenting concerns.  Sessions are typically once a week for 50 minutes. However, there are various circumstances that may influence the scheduling.  Generally, there are 8-12 sessions for treatment, but this may vary depending on the unique concerns of the individual, couple, or family.

The first few sessions, as we get to know each other, are intended to explore the issues that have brought you into therapy and for me to hear and understand each person’s perspective.

Together we will explore what goal(s) best meet your needs and discuss a treatment plan for how your goals can best be achieved. It is your right to request changes or revisions to your goals.    We will regularly evaluate progress that is made, and make sure the goals are still appropriate and allow for revisions in a collaborative effort.

There are various techniques I may use during therapy to include communication skill building techniques, genograms (looking at family history), and clinical assessments. It may also be helpful to incorporate other relevant people into the therapeutic process to help support you/your family in reaching set goals. It is important to note that no one would be contacted nor would information be disclosed without your written permission.