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Military Community Counseling

Whether you are new to the military culture, a seasoned vet or a dependent, change is inevitable. There is a continual need to “overcome and adapt” and naturally some changes can be more challenging than others. Pre or post deployments can be especially difficult times and may bring up emotions that are rapidly changing and sometimes confusing. Some people find it difficult to be away from their families of origin, while others may find it difficult or confusing to understand the ways of the military. When retiring or leaving the service, unexpected emotions can be experienced by not only the separating veteran but for the entire family. My military community counseling can help you through these challenging times.

As a military spouse of over 20 years, and the mother of two sons, I understand the many transitions and challenges military couples and families undergo. I am passionate about helping military couples and families and have been a military family advocate for many years. Through continued education and research I strive to strengthen my knowledge and understanding of current challenges facing military families, so that I may best utilize my own experience and knowledge for the benefit of helping those I work with. I have worked as a SFL-TAP counselor at JBLM where I helped soldiers and their families who were transitioning out of the military. I am here to help and consider it a privilege and an honor to work with you.

If you have any questions about my military community counseling service or commitment to helping the military community, please call me today at 360.588.2181 or contact me.

My discounted rate for working with military individuals, couples, or families is $100.00 per 50 minute session for active duty (first session is 80 minutes and is $140.00) and $115.00 for reservist and retirees (first session is 80 minutes and is $150.00.)

Provided are some useful links and/or phone numbers for the Military community counseling and resources:

1.)                 1-800-342-9647

Description: One stop place for everything related to military life. Moving, childcare, career, education, finances, legal, relationship, recreation, etc…


Description: Different topics, assessments, community forum/blogs resources (GREAT website and resources-easy to navigate)


Description: Connect military children with community and local resources. Find peer support, educational, recreational, & social programs and camps. TIP: Click on state information to find local support and upcoming camps and other activities


Description: National Military Family Association providing information on benefits, how to get involved, speak up/advocate, and their programs (Military Spouse scholarships and Operation Purple Camp) Military culture has useful sheet of “acronyms for beginners”

5.) Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Press “1”
Description: For Crisis Intervention for Service Members, Veterans and Families

Phone 360.588.2181

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